Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

The reason for it all.  This was the craft for day 24 of our Truth in the Tinsel Advent curriculum - Cross.  This is why the baby was born.  This is why we celebrate.  His life was for his death, his death was for our life!

We had a whirlwind of family visiting this Christmas.  Extended Lathrop family gathering on the 23rd - 35 of us there - missing only 3!  Lathrop family Christmas at my parents all day on the 24th, with church in the evening.  Vawter family Christmas here and at Zac's sister's on the 25th.  Keanan is in lego bliss and Kyla is in baby doll and play kitchen heaven.  We only gave the kids 3 smallish gifts, and our craft on the 23rd was about the 3 gifts from the wise men.  Our goal is to keep the focus on Jesus, not us.

Before the kids went to bed tonight we watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas."  This was a great way to end our Christmas celebration.  We read Luke 2 (which is what Linus quotes) as a family on the Lathrop side since before I was born (in King James, no less) and most of us have it memorized.  We also read Luke 2 before presents at my parents house (in a more kid friendly version), and we used our ornament crafts to tell the Christmas story this morning before opening presents.  I don't think we can hear it enough!  I pray that my kids (and us!) will always remember "that's what Christmas is all about".

Merry Christmas!

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