Friday, November 30, 2012

An Extravagant Gift!

Most of you probably know that our house was broken into last spring and among the other things taken, the thieves stole Zac's running foot.  Today, it was replaced, for FREE by the wonderful company Freedom Innovations.  This is the company that will be marketing the bionic leg that Zac climbed the tower in Chicago with when it is ready for mass production.  In chatting with a few of the execs. at the tower climb, the story came up about the loss of Zac's running foot. "Oh, well give me your address." was their reply, and here it is!!!

Praise be to God!  So many blessings, big and small, coming from this tragedy 3 years ago.  We pray that God will keep using this, Zac, and our whole family for His glory!

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