Friday, November 9, 2012

11-9 Week in Review

I am going to try out a new "Week in Review" series - mostly for me to look back on and see what we were up to, but also to share with the family and friends that are following us in blog land.  I'll try to have some picture next time!

We had a pretty typical, normal week this week - which was nice after all the craziness of Zac being in international news last week!  Normal for us means home school on M, T, Th, Fri. and BSF classes on Wednesday.  The letter of the week was Q, so we had a lot of fun with queens - which Kyla loved!

Keanan's reading skills are really taking off and he easily read BOB books Mat and Sam to me a number of times this week.  So excited to see how he is growing!  We are nearing the end of the alphabet and the curriculum we are using, so I have the kindergarten curriculum from My Father's World sitting in my shopping cart awaiting Zac's approval - I can't wait to get into it!

We are in the planning and prep stages of opening up our home to a local friend and I ended up moving things around while Zac was in Chicago.  The kids are now sharing a room - which they love! - and the legos are located in the office.  The kids (and Zac!) have enjoyed having the legos downstairs and have been creating many new things.

This week we implemented a new discipline tool - the chore jar.  Each kid has a jar containing popsicle sticks, and each stick has a chore.  Example chores are mopping the entryway, wiping down baseboards, sweeping back porch, filling potholes... you get the idea.  When there is a meltdown or some other act of disobedience the offender selects a stick after they are calm and down with time out.  It's a win, win for me.  Teaching the kids to be obedient, and the house is getting those little extra touches that I don't always have time for!

Out of the house, we had a fun lunch and park trip with the Hazen's and Ireland's on Wednesday, and a great dinner/visit with the Hobb's on Thursday.

On a domestic note, I made some things (from scratch) that I was proud of this week: peppermint vodka, hot cocoa (man, this was good!), powder laundry detergent, and butternut squash soup (tasted like fall!).

God is so faithful!

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