Friday, November 30, 2012

An Extravagant Gift!

Most of you probably know that our house was broken into last spring and among the other things taken, the thieves stole Zac's running foot.  Today, it was replaced, for FREE by the wonderful company Freedom Innovations.  This is the company that will be marketing the bionic leg that Zac climbed the tower in Chicago with when it is ready for mass production.  In chatting with a few of the execs. at the tower climb, the story came up about the loss of Zac's running foot. "Oh, well give me your address." was their reply, and here it is!!!

Praise be to God!  So many blessings, big and small, coming from this tragedy 3 years ago.  We pray that God will keep using this, Zac, and our whole family for His glory!

Monday, November 26, 2012

O Christmas Tree

Praise the Lord for LED lights!  Zac and the kids set up his OLD train set to run around it as well - so cute!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

11-24 Week In Review

It was Thanksgiving week!  Lots of cooking, eating, visiting and fun going on this week.

We took a break from our alphabet curriculum and spent time in school learning about Thanksgiving and reading some fun books from the library.

Thanksgiving Eve was spent celebrating a traditional dinner with some of our best friends, most of the original members of our small group (we missed you McCormick's!).  The kids had a blast playing while the adults visited.

Thanksgiving this year was with my family.  We ate way to much good food, did a turkey craft with the kiddos, watched a movie and played games.  Good times!  I was very proud of my thankful rolls from this site:  They were super yummy and it was so fun to read the slips of paper inside with what everyone was thankful for (starting a new tradition!) Picture of the rolls from the site:

Friday was spent decking the house with Christmas-ness, and Saturday we went up to the mountains (and snow!) with the Ireland's and Neeley's to get our tree!  Lots of sledding and fun while we found a cute little tree perfect for us.  We had friends over for dinner tonight, so tree pics will come later after we decorate it tomorrow.  Here we are up in the mountains: 

I love this time of year and am looking forward to next weekend when we really start Advent!  We are using Truth in the Tinsel in addition to our Advent Candles. 

Happy last week of November!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

11-17 Week in Review

What a nice calm week we had!

Home school this week was the letter R for raccoons, rainbows, rakes and rabbits.  We also had lots of good walks, bike rides and read aloud times.  On Friday the UPS man  showed up with a large box of Keanan's kindergarten curriculum from My Father's World!  It was on sale, which is why we bought it now, but we'll be starting it around March.  It's so nice to be able to start whenever we are ready, and not have to wait for September (we school year round anyways).

Also on Friday, a bunch of my girl friends from small group and our summer bible study came out for a long over due girls night!  We had chocolate fondue, watched a movie, and I got to do herbal hair treatments on all that wanted them!  Lots of good girly fun =)

We ended the week with Kyla and I attending a birthday party for one of her friends today and Zac and Keanan working in the garage.  I am currently reading "24/6" by Matthew Sleeth and working on redefining what Sabbath means for me - so no computer tomorrow!

Here are a couple random pictures from the week.  Ready, set, Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And it continues...

Today Zac had a package waiting on the front porch.  Here is what we found:

Nothing says "well done" like a box full of jerky!  So random!!!  

Friday, November 9, 2012

11-9 Week in Review

I am going to try out a new "Week in Review" series - mostly for me to look back on and see what we were up to, but also to share with the family and friends that are following us in blog land.  I'll try to have some picture next time!

We had a pretty typical, normal week this week - which was nice after all the craziness of Zac being in international news last week!  Normal for us means home school on M, T, Th, Fri. and BSF classes on Wednesday.  The letter of the week was Q, so we had a lot of fun with queens - which Kyla loved!

Keanan's reading skills are really taking off and he easily read BOB books Mat and Sam to me a number of times this week.  So excited to see how he is growing!  We are nearing the end of the alphabet and the curriculum we are using, so I have the kindergarten curriculum from My Father's World sitting in my shopping cart awaiting Zac's approval - I can't wait to get into it!

We are in the planning and prep stages of opening up our home to a local friend and I ended up moving things around while Zac was in Chicago.  The kids are now sharing a room - which they love! - and the legos are located in the office.  The kids (and Zac!) have enjoyed having the legos downstairs and have been creating many new things.

This week we implemented a new discipline tool - the chore jar.  Each kid has a jar containing popsicle sticks, and each stick has a chore.  Example chores are mopping the entryway, wiping down baseboards, sweeping back porch, filling potholes... you get the idea.  When there is a meltdown or some other act of disobedience the offender selects a stick after they are calm and down with time out.  It's a win, win for me.  Teaching the kids to be obedient, and the house is getting those little extra touches that I don't always have time for!

Out of the house, we had a fun lunch and park trip with the Hazen's and Ireland's on Wednesday, and a great dinner/visit with the Hobb's on Thursday.

On a domestic note, I made some things (from scratch) that I was proud of this week: peppermint vodka, hot cocoa (man, this was good!), powder laundry detergent, and butternut squash soup (tasted like fall!).

God is so faithful!