Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Savior and King

Today started out like most other Wednesday's in our house: a mad dash to gobble down breakfast and be in the car no later than 8:15am to drive about an hour to make it to BSF in Olympia on time.  However, on this particular morning Zac was not here to help get us going and so as I looked at the clock in the car while pulling out the driveway it read 8:30am.  Shoot.  We are going to be late.  Some days this will cause me stress, but I resolved today to go with the flow - we would get there when we got there.

We had finished out latest audio book, Charlotte's Web, the day before and I didn't have the radio on, so we just talked.  I don't remember how or why, but the conversation turned to heaven.  "When we die we go to heaven," Keanan was explaining to Kyla.  I stepped in, "Well, bud, the bible says that the only way to heaven is to accept Jesus into your heart - remember?"

We had discussed this a number of times.  Zac and I have been careful not to push this issue or ask questions like "do you want to ask Jesus into your heart?".  We want something so important to be in God's time, when they were ready.

This morning Keanan responded "How do I get Jesus in my heart mom?"  Whoa.  Here we go.  I have had the honor of explaining the path of salvation to many thanks to my 10 years of being a Young Life leader - but it is different explaining the process to a 4 year old, MY 4 year old.  Keanan knows what the bible says. He knows about sin, he knows what Jesus did for him (for all of us on the cross), he knows the Jesus defeated sin and rose from the grave and is with God in heaven.  Thanks to our daily bible reading, prayer, talks, BSF, sunday school, VBS... he knows all those things.  But this morning driving down Rainier Road, he put it all together.  I talked to him about receiving the gift that God has given us, about confessing our sins, believing with our whole hearts what Jesus did, and asking Him to live in our hearts and be our Savior and King.  I told Keanan, "whenever you decided to do that, will you tell mommy or daddy so we can rejoice with you?"  He said yes and then was quiet.  I didn't want to push anything, but I looked back at him a few moments later and saw his head bowed, his eyes closed and his little lips moving.  At this point it got difficult to drive because I was crying.

"Mommy, I need to tell you something,"  he finally said.  "What bud?"  I asked.  "I asked Jesus to live in my heart and be my Savior and Lord," he meekly stated.  "Really Keanan?" I asked as he nodded his head.  I silently pulled the car over, got out, went over to his side and opened his door.  He was a bit shocked, but I knelt down and gave him a hug telling him how proud I was of him and that this was the best decision he could ever make.  He smiled and hugged me back.  We drove to Zac's work, which was on the way and Keanan told him the news.  Zac was also happy and reminded Keanan that it is a daily choice to follow Jesus - but he was so glad he had made this first important step.

We called both Grandma's on the way and Keanan told one of his teachers when we finally arrived at BSF.  This dear sweet woman started crying and hugging Keanan and I, which made me cry again.  After BSF we stopped by to tell Ms. Chris, who Keanan loves.  We celebrated with cookies in the afternoon and I marked the day on our calendar.
This is a big deal.  I know that, like Zac told Keanan, it is a daily choice to follow Jesus.  But this first, very important step is HUGE.  Thank you Lord for calling my son to Yourself.  For writing his name in the Lamb's Book of Life!  May he walk with You all the days of his life.  AMEN!


  1. Love this! Yay Keanan! Welcome to the family buddy:)

  2. We were rejoicing with the angels yesterday!!! Ms. Ligman was too!
    - Chris I