Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our Alphabet Trip Around the State: Letters D, E, K, P, R, Q, Z

The last few weeks have been VERY busy for our family!  In that time we were able to knock off a bunch of letters from our list.

While I was teaching a childbirth class one Saturday Zac took the kids and Yukari to Mt. Rainier national park (R - Rainier).  They had lots of fun and even got to play in some snow!  Yukari could get over how BIG the mountain was =)

We spent a weekend camping with Nana and Grandpa at Ocean Shores (P = pacific ocean) where Keanan also got to fly a kite on the beach (K = kite) - no picture of that one though.

Keanan, Zac, and Grandpa also took a trip up to the Quinault Rainforest (Q = Quinault) and saw some of the largest evergreen trees in the world (E = evergreen).  The picture is Keanan and the world's largest sitka spruce tree!

Wednesday we wrapped up our ladies summer bible study with a trip to Point Defiance Zoo! (Z = zoo)  This was Kyla's first visit to the zoo and both she and Keanan loved every minute.  I was extremely impressed with the outdoor adventure show that the zoo put on during lunch time.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures, so we'll have to go back! =)

Yesterday we found a HUGE dragonfly in our driveway!  It held still so we could take a picture =)  (D = dragonfly)
More fun to come!

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