Thursday, September 6, 2012

Azure Standard

Through some of my blog reading I have come across a new way to save money while still purchasing quality whole food, through a little company in Dufur, Oregon called Azure Standard.

How it works
Azure Standard is like an online co-op store.  You create an account and call them to find out where the nearest drop site is to you (they are all over the US).  They give you the contact info and you call the person in charge of your drop site to get the info about where and when orders come in.  They give you a drop number that you use on your order so all the stuff comes to you.  The minimum order amount is $50 and the total of all the orders for each drop site needs to be at least $550 (that's for ALL the families putting in orders that month from your site TOTAL) or the truck (big refrig. semi) won't stop there and your order will be put on hold till next month (as long as the total for the site gets to $550).

They have EVERYTHING!  This is good quality food way cheaper than I would get at our local co-op, and some stuff is even cheaper than I would get at Safeway.  Now, if I was to buy all the cheapest (but not nearly as good for you) stuff at my local grocery store, than Azure would cost more.  But we believe that eating food isn't  just about filling a hole.  Eating food is about providing our bodies with all of the right nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fats.  It's really hard to do that with all the cheap, not so good for you stuff at the grocery store.

After some budget juggling and conversation, Zac and I decided it was time to buy bulk foods for our family.  There are certain things that I buy all the time, and it was going to save money to get them in bulk.  Why not costco?  I am confident about the quality of the Azure products, and while I know you can get good stuff at Costco, not all of it is that great.  There is also no member ship fee with Azure and I'm not tempted to get a bunch of stuff I don't need since I'm not physically walking through the store.

While we are trying to go minimal with everything else in our house, food is a different story.  

Check it out!  There is probably a drop site near you!  If you are in the Yelm area let me know and I can get you the contact for our drop supervisor - but orders have to be in this Friday for the September shipment, so hurry!

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