Friday, September 7, 2012

Almost Amish - book review

A month or so ago I received a surprise package from my Aunt and Uncle in Virginia.  It was the book, Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth. They know that I am fascinated with the Amish traditions and lifestyle, we had talked about it when Zac and I stayed with them for a week about 5 years ago.

Aren't they a cute family?!

The tagline for this book is "one woman's quest for a slower, simpler, more sustainable life".  Sounded good to me, so I dove in.  This book has ended up changing our family.  As a result of this, and another book I am reading at the same time about minimalism, I am purging our house of close to 50% of our possessions.  I crave the simple, slower pace of the Amish lifestyle.  No, I don't want to be Amish (I like my electricity thank you very much) - I want to be almost Amish!  

We are also desiring to build a greater sense of community by opening up our home for others to live upstairs - a shared living experience.   We are striving to invest our time building positive, encouraging relationships with those around us.

I was also convicted about how we spend the Lord's day - the Sabbath.  We go to church, but then it ends up being like any other day.  If God needed to slow down and rest on the 7th day, then I definitely do!  We have decided to focus on our family on this day - playing games, reading books, going on walks, taking naps, etc.  I will NOT even open my computer on Sunday's.  We all just need to chill.

So many other bits of wisdom from this book.  I will be reading it over and over, I'm sure!  Highly recommend it.

Thank you Deatherage's for the well timed gift!

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