Monday, August 20, 2012

The fastest 4 weeks ever!

At this moment Yukari is on a plane heading back for Japan.  We so enjoyed our home-stay experience with her and were all sad to say goodbye.

Besides her weekday trips and adventures with her group, we had lots of fun "showing her America".  Some of the highlights were taking her to church and our small group (she had never been to any church before - she said she liked the music), going camping at the ocean, going grocery shopping (she bought so much chocolate we weren't sure it would fit in her suitcase!), going to Mt. Rainier, meeting lots of our family, going to my cousin's wedding, going to the fair, eating lots of food with us, and playing with the kids.

As a going away gift yesterday Keanan gave her a little American flag that he had, and as a family we gave her a bible in Japanese - it took Zac about an hour to figure out were Luke and Acts were so he could mark it!

It has been so much fun learning about Japan and speaking a tiny bit of Japanese.  I loved hearing the kids say "oyasuminasai" (means goodnight) to Yukari before bedtime. We will most likely be home-stay hosts again in the future =)

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