Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Routine

There have been many posts on the homeschool blogs I follow lately about their daily schedule, so I thought I would also post ours!  We follow more of a routine, no set amount of time for anything, and it helps us all stay on task to get everything done.  Every family is so different and I've found what many other homeschoolers do would never work for us - and others have great ideas that we use.  While we try to go with the flow within our routine, I MUST have a routine in place for my own sanity.  (I'm type A like that!)

Since my kiddos are only preschool age, our school time is only about 90min a day.  As they get older we will convert more of the playing time into school time.  This is our ideal plan, please note that this doesn't always happen all the time!  But we try. =) It usually works so well.....IF I STAY OFF THE COMPUTER DURING SCHOOL AND CLEANING TIME.  Self-control - I'm working on it.

This is what we do on Mon, Tue, Thur, and Friday (most weeks)

  • 7am - Mom's devotion, exercise, and shower time (all others are sleeping and usually wake around 7:45 or so)
  • 8am - Breakfast including family devotions and BSF verse memorization (when BSF starts!)
  • Chores - kids have their own chores.  Mom cleans the kitchen, starts laundry and assists with chores
  • School Time! 
    • stretching/yoga
    • Rug time (calendar, We Choose Virtues, weather, letter, color, and shape of the day)
    • Calendar binders (they each have their own with printouts from HERE
    • Work boxes (they each have 3 boxes with the work for the day)
    • BOB books or God's Big World magazine (Keanan reads the BOB's books to me)
  • Snack and Read Aloud Time - I read them a book that goes with our school theme from the library
  • Cleaning/Play Time - mom cleans one thing and kids either help or play, depending on the cleaning activity
  • Lunch
  • Bible Story Book Read Aloud Time
  • Nap/Rest - in their rooms for 1.5 to 2 hours (this is when mom does bible study, folds laundry, computer...)
  • Snack and Outside Play - rain or shine, we all go outside
  • Get ready for dinner - kids play
  • 6pm - Dinner - and Dad comes home!
  • Family Time
  • 8pm - Kids are in Bed

On Wednesdays we are out the door by 8:15am to get to BSF (or 9am for summer bible study).  We also go to the library on Wednesday before we get home for lunch.  The rest of the day follows the same schedule as the other days.

There you have it - our day.  I love it! =)



  1. Do you have outside time in the morning, or just the afternoon?

    1. Usually just in the afternoon, or right after lunch. It can take that long for the grass to dry or things to warm-up a bit =)

      The kids do their best at school stuff in the morning, so it takes up most of our time then.