Monday, August 6, 2012

Our First (of many) VBS!

Last week was VBS Space Quest 2012 at our church and BOTH Keanan and Kyla participated and absolutely loved it!!  I am the children's ministry administrator (think all think paper/computer related) for our church, so I was also there all week.  We had 155 kids come through the doors with 76 amazing volunteers.  There were actually 2 programs running: one for the little kids (3ys-K) and the big kids (1st-4th).  5th & 6th graders were helpers, so they still were participating, but with added responsibility (they LOVED this!).  Technically, Kyla was supposed to be in the nursery - and she was on the first day.  But she then asked to be in a rocket with the big kids, so I snuck her in! (It pays to be in charge of registration, and be BF's with the director!  She's also pretty advanced in her language skills for a 2 year old, so she fit right in!)

The kids were "on a mission with Jesus Christ, cause He's the Way, the Truth, and the Life" (from the theme song).  They learned about Jesus' mission and their mission with Him.  They loved snack, crafts, games and the bible story time - mostly snack =).  They also adored their "commanders" and helpers in their rocket groups!  One of my favorite parts was that they learned a hymn and sign language to go with it (this is part of the Lifeway VBS curriculum) - Oh, How I Love Jesus.  They preformed this and the Space Quest theme song at church on Sunday - so cute!

This was my first time helping with VBS since college, and my first time ever on the leadership team.  Everything was way smoother than anticipated, and while we were all exhausted after the week, we are also very excited for next year.

Sorry, no pictures - we were all way too busy having fun!!

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