Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life and Death

It has been a very emotional week for me.

On Monday I had the joy to support a sweet couple in welcoming their new baby girl!  It was a very beautiful (and quick) labor and birth with a very hard working mama.  There were tears of joy as she made her entrance.  What a head full of hair this little one has!  And such a sweet face =)

This morning I had the joy to support a sweet couple in saying goodbye to their baby boy who was stillborn last week.  They were students from one of my childbirth classes.  It was a very beautiful and emotional funeral and I was amazed at the strength of these dear parents.  I have never been to the funeral of a baby or child and the sight of the casket took my breath away.  After leaving the graveside service I sat in my car and sobbed.

Life and death.  We face them every day - but they both hit me hard this week.

I don't understand why.  And a lot of times I don't like it.  But I do know that God is good.

Please pray for both sets of parents as they journey down very different roads.

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