Sunday, June 3, 2012

Preschool / Totschool: The Story About Ping

We took a break from our normal school routine last week and "rowed" the Story About Ping!  This means that I was using the curriculum called Five in a Row - using classic children's literature to inspire investigation and learning of other topics.  We read the story every day and then jumped into different activities.

For example, one day we learned about buoyancy and experimented with things that sink and float in the bathtub.  We also read a book called "Ducks Don't Get Wet" and did an experiment with oil and water.

On another day, we found China on our world map, made Chinese flags, read a library book about China, and learned how to say "hello" and "I love you" in Mandarin.

On the last day, we read another library book called "Duck in a Tree" explaining the life cycle of a duck and then went to the park to feed the ducks!  There were even some ducklings that came out to eat our bread crumbs =)

It was a great week with lots of fun and learning.  Homeschooling or not, I highly recommend Five in a Row (great for summer learning)!


  1. What an awesome lesson! I look forward to learning more about 5 in a Row:) Thank you for always sharing Jen:)

  2. Thanks for blogging this! It helps me get a better idea of what Five in a Row is all about! :D Sounds like you guys had fun!! I think this is what we need right now! :D