Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Family Fitness

As summer approaches (it has even felt like summer here the last few days) so does swimsuit season.  Ugh.  Zac and I (mostly I) have been pretty lazy when it comes to exercise, and thus feeling rather flabby.

Flabby + swimsuit = not so great.

So in addition to our healthy eating lifestyle (which we do a pretty good job at) we have started to workout as a family.  In the morning the kids and I have fun with some yoga!  Specifically following along to this video: 

In the evening, right before bed Zac and I have been doing this routine:

We are up to 2 reps, and will work up to 4 I think.  It's pretty killer to start with, but we both feel really good after.  

It is so much easier to be fit when we are doing it together!  Are you ready for summer?

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