Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some Unexpected Bible Study

As we began our journey through Holy Week with the printables I mentioned in my earlier post, I started to wonder about some of the events that were included.  For Monday the printable said Jesus visited with Mary and Martha.  Hmmm, I said to myself, I'm pretty sure that didn't happen during Holy Week.  So to my Bible I went.  Sure enough, not a Holy Week event.  Then I started to notice other things: no mention of events like Jesus clearing the temple, the woman anointing Jesus, and Judas and the plot against Jesus.  This was fixed easy enough by searching for images of these events and printing them myself.

I am reading through all four gospel accounts of Holy Week this week and in doing so noticed some things about the traditional Stations of the Cross - 5 of the stations are not mentioned in the Bible!  They might be Catholic Church tradition, but I only want to teach my kids the Easter account from the Bible, so that was out.  In doing some more research online, I discovered that in 1991 the Pope announced a "new" Scriptural Stations of the Cross.  These 14 stations follow the accounts of Good Friday that are actually mentioned in the Bible.  So with some fancy copy/paste/print work, we have a new set to use on Friday!  The above link will take you to pictures of these stations.

I'll post some pictures soon!

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