Monday, April 23, 2012

Goings On

After the Vawter family spring break of sorts last week, we are back to our normal - a nice feeling!

I flew back home on Tuesday evening, picked up the kids from Grandma & Grandpa's and got to sleep in my own bed!  We spent the rest of the week without Zac - which was hard.  I always have a new found respect for single parents when Zac is gone.

Zac came home late, late Friday night and then I woke up early Saturday morning to go teach a childbirth class at CareNet in Olympia all day.  I also had a wonderful doula client interview after my class (and they hired me!), so I didn't get home until almost 8pm.  After getting the kids to bed Zac and I were finally able to sit down and process the week together.  I missed him!

We've both had quite a bit of time for reflection this past week.  Some results for me were a complete reworking of the childbirth classes that I am teaching, including creating my own online class!  I am really excited about this and the opportunity it will give me to reach today's parents where they are at - on the internet.  I begin the planning stages this week.  Please keep this in your prayers.  If you know any pregnant couples in the greater Olympia area I would be so grateful if you would pass on my website, my other class offerings are there.

Another reflection of mine is how much I am tied to things like the internet and my phone.  I was so refreshing to be surrounded by so many last weekend who are not, the old order Mennonites we were blessed to visit.  So this last Sunday I un-pluged.  No internet, no phone. It was beautiful!  I plan to do this every Sunday, as long as I'm not on call.  I feel closer to actual resting on what is supposed to be a day of rest when I can disconnect and just be with my family and God.

Zac made the decision while in Chicago to continue with a major business venture that he had been working on a few months ago.  Please pray for favor as he starts looking for investors, and wisdom as to where God would see to take this.

While enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend Zac and Keanan planted 100 little evergreen trees along our road, I got the front flower beds all weeded, and we all got a little bit sun burnt.  It was nice to be a family of 4 again!

I will try to get back into the picture taking habit and post some of the kids, we are busy with letter X in school this week, swimming lessons, and BSF - back to our normal! =)

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