Friday, February 17, 2012

Some Great Reading For All Expecting Parents

Over at Keeper of the Home there has been a great series relating to pregnancy, birth, newborns and postpartum.  There were some great insights that I wanted to make sure were passed on, so here are links to the posts:

Exercise During Pregnancy - so important!  I am a big supporter of prenatal pilates and belly dancing!

Birth Settings - great comparison of home, birth center, and hospital birth.

Preparing For Labor - some great ideas, but they forgot "hire a doula" =)

How to Have a Natural Birth in the Hospital - more great ideas (and this time they do talk about doulas!)

Newborns - some really important questions you need to ask BEFORE your baby is born

Newborns - part 2

Breastfeeding Basket - a great way to keep things together and make your time easier

Postpartum Recovery - most moms, especially first time moms do not plan for this stage, and it is SOOO important!

As a childbirth educator and birth doula I would love to answer any questions you have about any of this info =)  Happy reading!

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