Saturday, February 11, 2012

Knights and Princesses in School!

In celebration of Kyla's birthday on Monday, we had a Knights and Princesses theme in school this week!  Everything in the workboxes was related to the theme (printables found at 1+1+1=1), and the shelves were random activities that I put out.

Some of Kyla's princess work.  Except for writing her name, she did the rest of this all on her own!

Our shelves this week:
On this shelf: Keanan's workboxes, God's Big World magazine & MAF coloring books, paper cutting with fun scissors, spelling puzzles, bead transfer with tongs, dry erase maze book

On this shelf: hand puzzle, BOB books, foam letter match, sandpaper letters, magnetic pattern builders, pencil sharpening, number beads, new valentine playdough

Action Shots!

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