Sunday, February 5, 2012

Catching Up: What's on our shelves

This was our school room shelves 2 or so weeks ago (before the crazy snow) when we were working on letter O.
On this shelf: Keanan's work boxes, God's Big World magazine, I Spy game, water transfer with a sponge (they both LOVED this!), letter disk and card match, geometric shape mystery bag

On this shelf: jungle puzzle (a Keanan favorite), BOB books, Noah animal card matching (a Kyla Favorite), sandpaper letters, playdough, shape cookie jar, numeral beads and number cards, straw lacing

And here are our shelves for last week (when I had no camera) when we were working on the letter P.
On this shelf: wooden farm puzzle (Keanan is really into these and did this multiple times a day), BOB books, foam letter and card matching, sandpaper letters, stickers, shape sorting, numeral beads and cards, dino lacing.

On this shelf: Keanan's work boxes, God's Big World magazine and MAF coloring books, Candy Land travel game (a favorite this week), wooden tic tac toe, coin sorting, v-tech laptop

I promise to have some action shots for this coming week! =)

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  1. You told me before, but what program(s) are you using in these photos? Looks like fun!