Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow (and no power) days

A major snow storm dumped 12 inches of snow at our house on Tuesday night, followed by freezing rain on Wednesday.  With the weight of the snow and ice we had branches and trees falling all over Western Washington resulting in thousands without power.  Including us!

Zac's work was canceled on Wednesday due to the snow so he was able to stay home and play with the kids.  This was a double blessing since I had been up the night before puking and it took me all day to recover.  We lost power at 7pm on Wednesday night - and it's still out (as of 4pm Saturday) with no clear time of return.  After we got the kids into bed on Wednesday Zac and I covered all the windows with blankets and sealed up the living room and upstairs from the rest of the house (where the gas fireplace is), knowing we would be without power for a while.  We slept in the living room that night and spent most of Thursday there.  Unfortunatley, our propane was running low so Zac ventured out in the truck to get more.  This took a while since he had to use the chainsaw to move downed trees to even get out of our road and driveway!  There was no propane to be had until Tacoma, so he came back home, we packed up, and made the trek to my parents house in Graham.  There power had been out for a short time, but was on again, and they have a wood stove.

And here we are, still in Graham, with no idea when we will be able to get back home.  I'll catch up on my normal posts when things return to normal.  Praying that all are staying safe and warm! 

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