Friday, January 6, 2012

School this Week: Letter M and Our Shelves

M is for m & m's this week!  Yum!  Over our Christmas break I was able to buy some trays to better organize the activities on our shelves.  This reduced how many things we have out at one time, but I decided to switch it up every week instead of every 2 weeks - so I think the kids won't get tired of it.
On this shelf: farm puzzle, BOB books and God's Big World magazine (I'll post more on this in the future), bead sorting with tongs and tweezers, sandpaper letter cards, dominoes, snowball counting game, snowman counters with numeral beads, "snow" (white with glitter!) playdough!

On this shelf: both kid's worboxes, alphabet exercises, "walk the line" (string to make into shapes on the floor), word puzzles (Keanan was telling me all the letter names!), magnet puzzle

Some action shots!

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  1. Great activities! I especially love your "walk the line" string! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  2. Hi, I love all your activities! Can you explain what the snowball counting game is, that looks like something I may like to try in the future with my son!

  3. Hi Jodi! Here's the description: one person rolled the die and counted the dots, then placed the same number of "snowballs" on the snowman. Whoever got all the snowman covered first, won!

  4. I've really enjoyed your site, esp. your trays & plastic drawers. I was just wondering how you differentiate between what goes on a tray & what goes in a drawer? Thank you!

    1. Thanks Amy, I'm glad you are liking it =) The items in the workbox drawers are worksheets (most all based on the letter of the week) and everything else (learning activities and games) goes on the trays on the shelves. Hope that helps =)