Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Homemaking Binder

A few weeks ago I saw this post from Keeper of the Home about creating a homemaking binder.  I thought it was a little weird and overly organized at first, but then I thought "hey, I'm a little weird and overly organized - this is perfect!"  (Seriously, that's what I thought).  So during my new years planning retreat (another Keeper of the Home idea) I spent some time making my binder.  I was really excited about it and made Zac look at everything in it (he is not the super organized type, so he thought I was a bit crazy).

I have held off until now to post about it because I wanted to see if it was actually going to work for me.  I can proudly state that these last two weeks have been some of the most productive and enjoyable in 3 1/2 years!  I have been focused about having quality time with my kids, been off the computer when they are awake, and the kids have been happier because there is a plan.  So, here is my binder: (sorry, cell phone pictures)

On the cover is my verse for the year =)

The inside pocket holds different papers that need to be dealt with (which would usually just sit on the counter).  The first page of the binder is our weekday routine - it has been so wonderful to have this laid out!  This has really kept me on track and not wasting time during the day.

Right behind the routine page is my 2012 goals.  The next page is actually a tab and then my daily to-do list, but I took the to-do list out for the picture, so I wouldn't have so many pictures!  The to-do list sheet has 6 sections, one for each day Mon-Fri and than Sat & Sun combined.  It is limited to only 6 items each day.  This has been so helpfully in actually getting things done!  I was getting very overwhelmed at the LONG to-do lists for the week, but I can do 6 things in a day!

I have a bunch of blank to-do list sheets in there to help me spread out tasks to other weeks.  After that is a sheet protector with my major house cleaning list.  Secret: I only clean my house once a month! (gasp!)  I roomba, clean the bathrooms, clean the kitchen, mop, and do laundry every week (some of those are every day) - but anything else is done on one day a month.  This has been such a stress reliever for me!  Our house is not at all dirty, but it is lived in.  Zac would much rather have things this way than deal with a crazy stressed out wife =)

Next is another tab which I keep meal plans behind.  I plan our dinners out a month at a time and then go grocery shopping once a week.  This system really works for me and save me tons of time.

Lastly is a page proctor to keep other non-pressing items of paper (which would have been floating around the counter).  The back holds bills which all get paid once a month.

There you have it!  I am totally in love with this system.  Administration in one of my spiritual gifts (as is teaching and hospitality =) ) so this is the perfect thing to help me keep our house running smoothly!  Do you have something similar that works for you?

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