Monday, January 9, 2012

A Great Wolf Weekend!

We just returned from the Great Wolf Lodge and had a blast!!

Our wonderful weekend started on Saturday with Keanan and Zac going for a run / bike ride and Kyla and I having a girl grocery shopping trip.  After naps and dinner we played games in front of the fire on the living room floor.  A great, relaxing family day.

On Sunday after church we came home for lunch and naps and then drove about 45 minutes to the Great Wolf Lodge!  This place is huge!  We checked into our room and then drove about 1/2 a mile down the street to a Mexican place for dinner (although there are plenty of places to eat at the lodge).  Our room was the "Wolf Den" where the kids section looked like a cave with bunk beds in it!  They loved this!  There was a queen bed for Zac and I in the main part of the room along with a sofa sleeper.  We changed into our swimsuits and walked down the hall to the giant indoor water park!

The water park was much bigger than we had expected, with something for everyone - infants on up!  Keanan was not big enough to go on the super huge waterslides, but he did go on a couple that were a good 2 stories tall!  We were very proud of him.  Zac had his leg off and was using his crutches in the evening, so he didn't do any of the big slides (someone would have had to bring his crutches down), but when we went back to the water park in the morning he left his leg on and was able to climb all the stairs and do some giant slides.  You ride inner tubes on all of them so he just tried to keep his knee out of the water as much as possible.  I think Kyla's favorite thing was the wave pool - she loved "swimming" in the waves with her life jacket on.

At 8pm the kids and I got jammies on and then went to the lobby for story time!  All the animals at the clock tower came "alive" and sang songs and then it "snowed" in the building!  It was sooo cool!  I think that I enjoyed it more that the kids!  The two wolf mascots came out with an employee who read a bed time story and then we went back to our rooms for the night.  Everyone slept pretty well after playing in the water.

We had a wonderful buffet breakfast at the "Loose Moose" in the morning, and the kids were free!  Zac hauled all of our luggage down to the car and then we went back to the water park until we were done, about 11:30am- but we could have stayed and played until 9pm!

Definitely recommend this place for families!  It is a bit pricey, $280 for our room for one night and the waterpark (not including food or anything else), but we had some Christmas money that was just for this =).  We decided to ask for this as a "present" again next year and will surely be coming back!

We didn't hardly take any pictures because we didn't want to take the camera in the waterpark, but here's a few:
 Kyla in her swim suit and pulling her suitcase down the hall =)
Keanan in his "wolf cave" in our room!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! So glad you guys did this:)