Friday, December 2, 2011

Cranberry Thanksgiving

For the last two weeks we have been "studying" from the book Cranberry Thanksgiving.  This sweet story takes place on a cranberry farm in New England and is full of great lessons about stealing, forgiveness, judgment, and giving thanks.  We also took some time to learn about cranberry bogs, chemical reactions (in baking), geography (locating New England on our big world map), and exploring the seasons.

To wrap up this unit, today we made cranberry bread from Grandmother's recipe in the book!  Keanan loved chopping up the cranberries in my Pampered Chef chopper =)  The bread turned out great, it is super good!!  We also made cooked eggnog (which I may have cooked a little too long) because Keanan has discoverd that he LOVES it.  A wonderful way to end our Thanksgiving fun in school.  On to Christmas activities next week!

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