Monday, December 5, 2011

Alaska Airlines Family Party!

On Saturday we had the treat of going with the Ireland family the the Alaska Airlines Christmas Party!  We drove up to SeaTac and then got to ride a school bus (the kids were thrilled) to a giant airplane hanger that was filled with decorations, food, face painting, balloons, and bouncy houses.  After we ate lunch the HUGE hanger doors started to open and a 737 (that's an airplane for those of you who don't know) that was decorated with a red nose and antlers pulled up!  It was VERY loud, but so cool!  Once the plane stopped and they rolled the stairs over to it, the doors opened and there was Santa!!!  We told the kids that he had to ride on the airplane from the North Pole to come see us because the reindeer only fly on Christmas Eve =)  Santa and his elves made their way up to a stage where a line had already formed to see him.  We figured we would let the line die down a bit and went over to the bouncy houses and slides with the kids.  They had a blast (and so did the dads)!  After a bit Chris and I decided to go hold our spot in the Santa line.  ONE AND A HALF HOURS LATER, we made it to the front and all the kids got to see Santa, with no tears!  It was a long day (right through nap time), but so much fun!  Thank you Ireland's!!

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