Friday, November 11, 2011

Our school room activities this week

During this week and next week we are in a letter K unit and having fun with different things in the school room.  Here's our current activities: 
On this shelf: pumpkin hammering (Keanan loved it so much that I kept it up), BOB books, farm animal puzzle (Kyla's favorite thing right now), straw pieces lacing, letter sounds matching, cookie cutter shape matching, sandpaper mystery bag
On this shelf: cornmeal letter tracing (Keanan really likes this), belt practice, bead sorting with tweezers, sound matching (both kids think this is great!), uppercase & lowercase letter matching with clothes pins, wooden tic-tac-toe set, nuts, bolts, washer & lock washer sorting. 

I also set up a magnet number matching area and a watercolor area this week.

Here are the action shots!

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  1. Hi, I love that you kept the pumpkin hammering activity out. My toddler loved that at Halloween. You followed the child. (Rach rushes off to retrieve a pumpkin and a hammer....)