Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Missionary Friends, The Scheer's

We had a lovely dinner tonight with our new friends Matt, Ellie, Blake and Callie Sheer, who are soon to be stationed missionaries in Indonesia with MAF, Mission Aviation Fellowship.  A few weeks ago they spoke at our small group about their new adventure with MAF and Zac and I knew we wanted to support them in some way and get to know them better.  So they drove almost 2 hours to come hang out with us and the kids tonight =) 

Matt is a Pilot / Airplane Mechanic and Ellie is an RN, although staying home with the kids now.  They are so excited for the opportunity to serve with MAF in Indonesia.  MAF planes fly missionaries to places all over the world.  They also assist in humanitarian efforts flying in food and medical supplies and flying sick or injured people out of remote locations for care.  Matt is looking forward to building relationships with the people he serves while flying in Indonesia and sharing the love of Christ with them. 

Their kids are too cute and our kids had fun playing with them tonight.  Kyla was very taken with baby Callie =)
Take a moment prayerfully consider supporting Matt & Ellie and check them out on the MAF site at  They would love your prayers and to hear from you.

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