Monday, October 24, 2011

'Tis the Season!

It's Christmas shopping time again!

Our society has taken gifts to the extreme at Christmas time.  The money that is spent in the US for Christmas could save countless lives in developing countries.  There is such an ingrained materialism in our culture, it almost makes me ill.  We give each other "stuff" that then gets used for a little while and tossed aside, or sits on a shelf collecting dust. 

This is part of the reason why we have no TV.  We do not want our kids bombarded with the commercials for the newest toy or latest gadget thinking that the "need" it.  We also do not give our kids many gifts.  For birthdays they get a book and one present.  For Christmas they get their stockings filled by Santa and one present from mom and dad.  Zac and I do not give each other gifts at any holiday or anniversary.  This is not because we are cheap, it is because we really want to stress to our kids (and remind ourselves) that Christmas is about Jesus.  God gave us the greatest gift, the gift of true life through His Son.

As a family we have decided to also give the gift of life for Christmas.  With the money that we would have spent on toys or other material things for ourselves, we will sit down together and select an item from the World Vision Global Gift Guide.  We will give a poor, hungry family a goat, or chickens, or medical supplies, or education, or clothes, or seeds, or ... the means with which to have a better life.  Our kids (Keanan at least) understand this and are more than okay with it!  Keanan is always talking about giving his toys away to other kids because he has a lot.  Warms my heat =) 

SO ... for your gift giving this year, especially if you are going to be shopping for us, please consider shopping from the World Vision Global Gift Guide or other similar source.  Lets all work together to give the gift of life this Christmas.

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