Friday, October 28, 2011


This week (and next week as well) we are having tons of fun with pumpkins!  We started on Monday by making pumpkin pie from a pumpkin (which I heard was pretty good, I don't do pumpkin so I have no idea) and making pumpkin playdough!
Here are our shelves in the school room and some action shots:
On this shelf: Keanan's work boxes (monster worksheets), pumpkin seed spooning, tall/short picture sorting, pumpkin lacing, pumpkin counting game, pumpkin face drawing
On this shelf: pumpkin hammering (Keanan's favorite thing in the school room right now!), mini pumpkin transfer with tongs, pumpkin counting cards with glass rock counters, Kyla's workboxes, Jack O Lantern teeth counting game, pumpkin playdough (Kyla's favorite), orange paper cutting (we will use the pieces to make a pumpkin craft later)

Montessori Monday


  1. Dude, pumpkin pie is my favorite and that one looks AWESOME! If you could just slip a slice in the mail, that would be great:)

  2. Lots of pumpkin fun. Say... what is the game he is playing in the bottom picture?
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  3. The last picture is a jack-o-lantern teeth game. The idea is from Counting Coconuts. He rolls the first dice and puts on the number of teeth on the bottom of the mouth as was rolled, the second die is for the top teeth. =)

  4. Super cute idea! Love the game. Oh, I hopped over from TGIF linky party =-)

  5. We just finished up our fun filled Pumpkin Week! Your Pumpkin Teeth idea is cute!


  6. Everything looks like so much fun! I love the pumpkin hammering idea!

  7. Great activities! I always love pumpkin hammering and spooning pumpkin seeds. Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. (If you could add the Montessori Monday button or link back, that would be awesome!) I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page: