Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One World Birth

There is a revolution occurring in the world today.  Birth is getting worse, not better.  The reasons vary depending on where you are in the world.  Many are standing up and taking attention, calling others to action.  Such organization as the Million Moms Challenge have a goal to raise awareness and funds to do something about it. 

Another organization, One World Birth wants to get the word out and make the world aware that there is a problem, through videos.  Created by two filmmakers, One World Birth is an online video resource filled with clips from well known professionals in the birth world.

It is a different type of "film" as quoted from the site: "Whilst we love documentaries, we realized that if we spent a year making one about what is happening in birth around the world today, by the time we released it, it would already be out of date! That's why we came up with the idea of making a "live", never-ending documentary that would be available online straight away and would keep up with the rapid changes (both good & bad) that are happening daily."

They are traveling the world to film the issues that are happening in birth, and posting these new videos all the time.  This is a fantastic resource for birth professionals (such as childbirth educators and doulas - where I fall) and also for parents and soon to be parents.  

The filmmakers are self-funding this venture through the sales of their recent film "Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion".  This is a wonderful look at the role of a doula and how they can serve you at your birth, highly reccommended. 

What Can You Do?
Visit One World Birth and check out the videos, there are many!  Spread the word about this great site, and purchase your own copy of Doula!

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