Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lots of Pregnant Mama's and Some Cheese!

Whew!  My business has really exploded in the last two weeks!  I have had or will have in the this next week FOUR interviews, 2 hospital tours, visiting a childbirth class student and holding her beautiful 2 day old baby, and teaching childbirth class at CareNet (with 5 couples!)!  Along with a friends baby shower and visiting baby Naomi last week - babies and bellies everywhere!  I LOVE IT!

The kids and I were at the Yelm Food Co-op today getting some things and I noticed the raw milk in the display case.  I suddenly really wanted to make cheese.  So I bought 1/2 gallon and we did!  I ended up with some lemon cheese and some queso blanco (spanish white cheese).  Yummy!  It's been whey too long! (Get it?!  Hahahaha) Anyways, here are some pics!
The cheeses hanging
Lemon cheese with herbs de provance
Queso Blanco

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