Saturday, October 1, 2011

Home Preschool - I

On Friday we finished up our two week unit on the letter I.   Keanan had lots of fun with I is for inchworm, and Kyla was working on I is for igloo.  I really liked this unit because we spent most of our time play-learning with our Montessori setup in the classroom.

With the re-organization of our school room we ended up moving the sensory tub to the family room.  It has gotten much more use here!  Right now we have a rainforest theme tub (complete with coffee beans as the base!) to go with our rainforest calendar theme that we just completed for September.

We also moved the KEVA planks to the dining room!  Keanan (and most days Zac) can be found playing with them on and off all day.  I love seeing him use his imagination and build new things!  Kyla enjoys them as well - but mostly as "babyzilla"!

We has an awesome time at our small group on Tuesday night with a visit from out friend Bethany's (who had her baby the next day!!!  Welcome baby Naomi!!!) parents.  We had a great discussion about homeschooling.  Yes, we are considering homeschooling our kids.  We have not made any definite decision, and won't for 2 years, but it is a very real option for us.  As a former public school teacher I have it drilled into my head what school "should" be.  This is not true, school can be so many things!  I don't have to follow some strict schedule or worry about doing everything in a certain curriculum.  Kids learn everywhere and all the time!  This has helped me relax my view of our preschool time a ton.  So freeing!

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