Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's on the shelves?

As promised, here is a look at our Montessori inspired shelves in our school room right now!  If you haven't read my Montessori Madness post, please do!
Above is Keanan's shelf, but Kyla has been enjoying these activites as well.  It includes: Keanan's work boxes with his letter worksheets, banana cutting, color mixing, coin sorting, nuts and bolts, pom-pom transfer with tweezers into ice cube tray, shape card lacing, bead threading, socket set for ordering and stacking, mystery bag with geometric solids and labels, and shoe tying.

Above is Kyla's shelf, but Keanan uses them too. It includes: play coins transfer jar, pom-pom transfer with tongs onto a mancala board, Kyla's work boxes with her letter worksheets, matching animals cards, bucket full of playdough fun, shape sorting bucket, and foam letter to match to letter cards.

We have been working on letter I and will continue to do so next week.  Since we do school about 3 days a week that gives us a good 6 days to really get into the letter.  Here are some action shots in the school room:
Finally, inspired by Carisa's post here, we have started reading time right after lunch until nap time (15 - 30 minutes).  The rule is you must be reading.  Together, alone, out loud, doesn't matter as long as reading is going on.  After I clean lunch up I join them.  This is a great way to wind down for nap time too!

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