Saturday, September 24, 2011

Million Mom's Challenge

I am passionate about healthy, safe, and empowering birth expereinces for all women.  But many are denied this all over the world (including here in the US).  I want to do something about it.  By God's great design I stumbbled across the Million Mom's Challenge tonight while reading the news.  I joined to make a difference for women, babies and children all over the world - will you join too.  It's free!!  Click on the logo on the upper right of my blog, or read the expert from the site below.  Lets get 1 million moms!

It should be the happiest moment in a mother's life: the moment when she holds her new baby in her arms for the first time. A new life -- full of hope, of love and wonder.

But in some parts of the world, pregnancy and childbirth is a time fraught with worry, and with good reason. The statistics are stunning:

Every 90 seconds, a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth. Most of those deaths are in the developing world.

1 in 5 women in Africa loses a baby in her lifetime. In richer countries, that number is around 1 in 125.

Almost 8 million children die each year before their 5th birthdays—that's almost 21,000 children each day—from largely preventable causes.

But there is good news: there are easy solutions, and they're not far from reach.
It costs just pennies a day to provide moms and babies with proper nutrition, to train midwives to help during childbirth, to vaccinate children against life-threatening diseases and to use simple, innovative technology to deliver crucial health information to women and health workers in remote areas.
Whether you are a mom or you just love your mom, you can help. It's easy.

Take the Million Moms Challenge!
Join the Movement and sign up to be the first to know about events and opportunities to help moms and babies around the world.

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