Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Run, Another Baby, Another Fair!

No joke! We pretty much had a repeat weekend. Saturday was Zac's 30th birthday! To celebrate we made him breakfast in bed, went for a family run on the YHS track, had a yummy lunch, took a family nap, and had spagetti for dinner - his favorite. My brother also graduated from WWU on Saturday, yay!!

On Sunday we headed into church to teach Keanan's Sunday school class. As I was setting up I got a call that my September client's water broke! So we raced home to get the other car and my doula bag and went back to church. I was able to teach the class before my client called back and needed me to come since her contractions had started. It was a beautiful birth with a healthy, yet early little boy.

While I was at the birth Zac and the kids went to the Lewis County Fair with the Ireland's and his parents. They watched the destruction derby, saw animals, rode some rides, and ate yummy fair food. Keanan even went on the little roller coaster with his Grandpa! The kids wore themselves out and slept in the car on the way home. I made it home about 2 hours after them.

I was bummed to miss out on the fair trip, but so blessed to have been able to support this mama in her birth. Another lovely weekend!

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