Friday, August 26, 2011

18 Months (a little late)

Kyla had her 18 month check up today! She actually turned 18 months on the 6th, but I was in Arkansas at the time. She weighs 21lbs 7oz and is 31.5in tall. That's 9% for weight and 39% for height - a skinny little girl, but totally healthy. She was so great during the appointment and didn't even cry for her one shot!

What a sweet, feisty little princess we have! Her vocabulary is growing every day, we're pretty sure she has over 100 words but we haven't actually counted them yet. She loves to run and play with Keanan, do school, feed the cat and brush her teeth. One of my favorite things that she does right now is pray. Whenever we pray she wants to do it on her own. She will fold her little hands, close her eyes and quietly say "Thank you God." Melts my heart!


  1. Love your kids!!! They make my heart melt too!!