Sunday, July 24, 2011

Please Pray With Us

On the drive to the airport in Hawaii to board the plane home my mom made a call to my Grandparents in Arkansas. My Grandpa (Papa) has been battleing cancer for some time but the periodic treatments of chemo had seemed to be helping, although hard on him during the process.

After getting off the phone I saw tears running down my moms face. They have given up on the chemo and are calling hospice.

We are now scrambling to find funds and book flights to Arkansas. Right now it is my Mom, my sister Ann, niece Lucy, brother Mathew, sister-in-law Elizabeth, myself, and Keanan. We are trying to leave on August 4th.

I have waited until now to share this because I didn't know what to say. I amazingly still have all 4 of my grandparents living, and even one great-grandma. This is all new to me.

Please pray for my Papa. For comfort and peace. For him to feel the love of God and the arms of Jesus. For healing - if it is God's will. For comfort for the family (they have 5 kids, lots of grandkids, and 6 great-grandkids). For travel mercies as we all make our way there. For provision for expensive plane tickets. For wisdom and help for Zac as he will be home alone with Kyla while we are gone.

God is good, all the time. Even when we don't understand and can't see it. His love endures forever.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

So much to do...only one me!

We are back! And totally not unpacked from Hawaii at all! I am getting a little overwhelmed at all the stuff that I need to do like unpack, sort the million or so pictures (not an exaggeration, Zac is camera crazy and even rented a fancy lens for the trip), upload the sorted pictures, create a book of said pictures, meet potential clients tomorrow, meet two current clients next week, go to the store (we have no food), get school stuff ready for Keanan for next week, get ready for Zac's family to come on Monday, figure out how to fix the stupid broke washing machine (this is Zac's chore- but it is stressing me out), and I'm sure there is more in addition to the normal day to day stuff. Ugh.

On a different note, some of my Hawaii highlights include visiting a very authentic Hawaiian church on Sunday. They blew a conch shell to start the service, sang 1/2 of the songs in Hawaiian and had hula girls! So cool!

I am also in love with coconuts more now than ever. I ate two of them (after drinking the water out with a straw) in about 2 days. My lower intestines were very upset for a bit - but it was worth it! They do not taste the same here, not fresh at all.

Zac and I went para-sailing, which was fun and not scary at all. We all went to the aquarium, had sushi, spent time on the beach and the pool, and drove around the entire island (on the south side it is called the road to Hana- very beautiful.)

Loads of pictures to come. Someday...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dinosaurs and Sand

We had so much fun with our sand/beach sensory tub that I forgot to take pictures! Auntie Ann, Lucy and Kate came for the day on Friday when I introduced the tub. Sand everywhere! But they loved it! Keanan and Kyla played in it again with Zac on Saturday. Their favorite things were finding all the shells hidden in the sand, taking them all out and then putting their feet in the sand. They are going to love the beach in Hawaii! =)

Keanan finished his dinosaur lapbook this last week. (See pictures below) We had lots of fun and learned a lot about the dinosaurs with this. There is a flip book about palaeontologists, what a dinosaur is, extinction, and favorite facts. He also made a little book about reptiles and a graph for how tall/long certain dinosaurs were.

Inside with mini books open
Keanan and I toured the Strawberry Patch Co-op Preschool on Saturday. We had lots of fun looking around the room, playing with the different things, and talking to Ms. Sally the teacher. Zac and I discussed our plans for this next fall and we have decided to continue our home-school curriculum, attend BSF class, and attend the class at the Hands On Childrens Museum on as many Fridays as possible. Next year (when Keanan is 4) he will be attending Strawberry Patch (as well as the BSF class and a little bit of our home-school curriculum).

On Saturday afternoon we drove down to Longview to play at a park and have dinner with our good friends from Texas, the Shipman's (they are visiting family in Oregon). The kids had a great time at the park and we all ate a ton of pizza. =)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sensory Tubs!

We are venturing into the world of sensory tubs, starting with a beach theme in anticipation of our Hawaii vacation next week! Pictures to come!

Have any of you out there done sensory tubs before? Any tips?