Friday, June 3, 2011

Keanan is 3!!

How time flies! I can't believe that Keanan is already 3 years old! What a fun, smart, and crazy little boy he is! We have had/ are having/ are going to have a blast celebrating him.

Yesterday my grandparents came over for dinner and brought some presents for Keanan. We had a good visit. This morning my mom came for the day with Lucy and Kate! Keanan opened a present just about every hour (at least it seemed like that!). He got the Leap Frog Tag system and some sandals from mommy, daddy and Kyla; a sweet white board / chalk board easel from Auntie Ann, Uncle Brian, Lucy & Kate; and a slide, radio flyer wagon, cowboy hat, pistol, rifle, holster, bandana, swim trunks, swim shirt, t-shit, and shorts from Grandma and Grandpa who went a little (lot) crazy! He is sleeping right now with the pistol and rifle on his bed - just to be safe. =)Tomorrow we are having his party at Northwest Trek! He is soooo excited to see all the animals (and his friends). I spent a good part of today baking and frosting 95 red velvet mini cupcakes for after lunch. We are then heading over to Grandma and Grandpa's for naps and dinner with the family. Whew! What a lucky kid! Actually, we are so so so blessed that God has entrusted us with this sweet boy. What a wonderful 3 years!

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