Monday, May 2, 2011

School Room!

Here is a picture tour of our school room! Today was the first day, and we had so much fun! The kids are not allowed in here without Zac or I. This helps keep it a special place and the toys that stay in there stay more exciting.

Next to the door, memory verse, weather chart, book case (the top few shelves hold my supplies for the day)American flag wall hanging that my Grandma made, Keva plank table (inside are Keanan's Highlights magazines), stamp chart on closet door (closet contains the masses of stuff/junk for a garage sale, and will eventually be where school supplies are kept), up on the wall are my weekly school plansTelescope and work tableReading corner where we do our bible time and morning review (cards up on the wall)Activity shelf with Keanan's work boxes and learning toys (mostly for Kyla while we are working on something)Keanan's work boxes loaded and ready for the morning. There are three drawers for three activities and then he gets a stamp on his chart when they are done. We then do other crafts/games/songs/reading... of his choice for the remainder of "school". I load the boxes again during nap time for three more activities before dinner.And up along the ceiling are his letter crafts that we spent last year doing!

Between our "school" time, library time, Sunday School, the kids weekly Bible Study Fellowship classes starting in the fall, and the weekly free preschool class at the the children's museum starting in the fall - I think we are good to go!


  1. Thinking of random stuff/junk (I try to clear ours out but it keeps reproducing in dark corners), if you'd like to bring the baby swing to Small Group tomorrow I think we can squeeze it into our trunk and out of your way!