Friday, May 27, 2011

B is for BABIES...I mean Butterfly

We have just completed our two week home preschool unit on the letter B, number 5, and word "they". Out theme was butterflies and it was fun learning about their life cycle and doing some crafts.Keanan is constantly surprising me and did so again during this unit. He is a master with the dot paints and today painted all the capital B's red and the lowercase b's yellow in a story we were reading, all by himself, like it was nothing! He was still loving to cut this unit, and lace up a B and b I printed out of card stock and punched holes in.

We are doing our school time 3 days a week for 1-2 hours each time, it just depends on the day. All three of us look forward to it and Keanan and Kyla stand outside the school room door waiting for me to ring the bell! =)

In other news: my May and June doula clients (whose due dates were exactly 5 weeks apart) ended up BOTH having their babies this week, within 3 days of each other! My first birth center, and home birth! I was very tired by Wednesday. But now I don't have another client until August (on vacation in July!) and am looking forward to the break from being on call. However, my doula partner and I start teaching our first round of childbirth classes in June! So if you know any pregnant women in the Yelm or surrounding area, let them know. We still have spots open =)

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