Saturday, April 23, 2011

What a lovely spring day!

Today we drove down to Portland to celebrate Zac's Grandpa's (Buppa) birthday! We had a nice lunch and short visit. The weather was so nice that we spent as much time outside as possible, we even stopped at a park on the way down and another park on the way home to play.After dinner at home we headed back outside. Keanan wants to learn about spring and how things grow so he helped me till up the spot where we will have our little garden! We plan to grow tomatoes, carrots, spinach, sunflowers, green peppers, and whatever else Grandma thinks will grow well at our house.Zac thought it would be a good idea to build a birdhouse with Keanan's help. This is a very special birdhouse with a plexi-glass back. Zac is going to hang it outside our dinning room window. Then we can watch the bird make a nest, lay eggs, watch the eggs hatch, and the baby birds grow!! I hope a bird decides to make it her home!

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