Saturday, January 15, 2011

Letter of the week(s) - U

We have been having some fun with the letter U these last two weeks. Keanan made an umbrella U, and underwater scene, and some fancy umbrellas. We also checked out some books at the library about umbrellas and underwater life.

Keanan and I have started to have some "school" time this week. Just about 15 minutes a day where we focus on some sight words, numbers 1-10, and letters. I used a lot of ideas from this website: She has TONS of free stuff. We are just having fun. As soon as the fun stops, we sing our ending song and go on to something else.

Other goings ons:
Kyla took 6 steps for Zac today! I also put the first coat of paint in her big-girl room today, can't believe she is almost 1!! We swear she is starting to say words: dog, go, up, mama, dada. She is also doing the sign for eat and all done. I love being able to communicate in new ways with her!

Keanan was complaining about his stomach hurting before dinner and then puked on the floor and in the toilet right after dinner. Poor kid. He felt better after that though. Got a haircut, took a bubble bath and went to bed. Hoping it is nothing and he is fine in the morning.

Happy birthday party / finally out of the military party to my brother, Mathew tonight! Sorry we can't be there =( Have fun!

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