Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The whirlwind that is our life!

Whew! We are busy! Here is a little snippet of what has been going on:

24th: Christmas at my parents house! We all made out like bandits! Lots of fun, especially our "minute to win it" competition. The whole family made it to the Christmas Eve service at mom and dad's church, very awesome. I also walked over to my parents neighbor's house to be interviewed and then hired (for free, she will be my first client) as her doula!!! She is due in a month!

25th: We had Christmas morning with our own little family. Keanan loved his duplo train set from Santa =) Zac's family joined us in the late morning for presents and lunch. Later we went over to Jess and Casey's for dinner.

26th: Relaxing morning. Headed to Ann and Brian's for our first annual Lathrop Cousin Reunion Party. Good times, half of the cousins were able to come (there are 12 of us) on pretty short notice.

27th: Amanda came over to watch the kids and I made my way in to town (Yelm) to meet up with another doula! I also stopped at the store and bought much of the items that I needed for my doula bag (thank you Christmas money!)

28th: (Today) Planning to take down the tree and get the house ready for our small group game night tonight (here)!

29th: The kids and I are going to Graham to meet up with Auntie Ann, the girls, and Grandma for some after Christmas shopping. In the evening Grandma is watching the kids while I have my first prenatal appointment with my first client!

30th: Ladies bible study in the morning here. Dinner with friends in the evening.

31st: Prenatal appointment with my second client in the morning. Party at firends house in the evening.

1st: Max and Kylene's wedding!

2nd: Church in the morning. Friends here for dinner in the evening.


Next month also holds some doula meetings, belly dancing class (!!), my 40 hour doula training, a trip to Mossyrock, and the start of teaching the toddler class at our church. Whew! Lots of stuff, but lots of fun!

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