Saturday, December 18, 2010

A week of Wise Men

This week we had fun learning about the wise men! Keanan colored a picture of them, made a cool 3D star, and checked out books at the library about the three kings. We read the bible story of the wise men almost everyday. Yesterday Keanan took some play money and told me "this is my gift." I asked him what gift? He responded, "For baby Jesus." So we put it next to baby Jesus in our nativity. He is listening! It really touched my heart =)

Yesterday we hosted a Christmas playgroup for our friends. There were 7 little ones all over the place, and poor Kyla was the only girl! We had lots of fun and everyone made Christmas trees! This was Kyla's first craft! I will definitely be keeping this one =)

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  1. Love that Christmas tree. I will have to remember it for my class next year.