Friday, December 3, 2010

A week of Angels

We are taking a break from the letters of the week this season to focus on Christmas! In keeping with the Advent services that our small group is hosting (each Tuesday 7pm at Crossroads Central in Yelm), this week we focused on Angels. Keanan colored a picture of an angel, we made an angel out of a toilet paper roll, and checked out some really cute angel books from the library. Each day we are also reading a version of the Christmas story that focuses on the angels. For good measure we also made a snowflake snowman =)

The kids and I have been suffering from colds this week, however they seem much better this morning. Even with the plugged up noses everyone has been sleeping well, even Kyla! It only took close to 10 months, yikes!

Zac leaves for Chicago tomorrow morning for a week. He is going to help the research team that is developing a leg that uses the amputees re-intervated nerves. He is super excited! I am excited for him too, but not that he will be gone for a week. Off to Grandma's house we will go =)

Happy first week of Advent!

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