Friday, November 26, 2010

Letter of the week(s) - T

T is for tree, train, turtle & turkey! We checked out some neat books about a turkey, a train, a turtle, and a truck driver. It was neat that we got to T right in time for Thanksgiving! Keanan made some pictures for everyone we were going to see on Thanksgiving telling them what he was thankful for.

We had a very nice turkey day at my parents house. Way to much good food! Zac and I even got to take Keanan and Lucy in the hot tub. I also registered for the Professional Birth Doula class at Bates (thanks dad!!) Here are some pics from the day:Today we put up all our Christmas stuff (sans the tree - to come tomorrow) and danced to Christmas music all day long. It was very nice and relaxing. Here are some pics from a little photo shoot we did today (outfits courtesy of Great Grandma Grist):

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