Friday, April 30, 2010

Curse of the muffin top!

I have it. I hate it. But I can't seem to get motivated enough to do anything about it! Really, when I have a moment of free time I want to sit and relax or sleep - not exercise.

I have a bunch of pilates DVD's; but is 10 - 20 min of pilates really going to do anything?

Okay all you moms out there: what are you doing to battle the muffin top curse? I need some encouragement to get off my growing bum.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Week Brought to You By the Letter A!

I have resolved to do more educational / crafty things with Keanan. So this week we have been learning about the letter A. We made an alligator out of the letter, an apple (he loved the glue!), and an ant! We have also been counting the alligators eyes, teeth, and the ants legs. He can now tell us what letter ant, alligator, and apple start with - A!

Tomorrow we are going out to a farm to pick up some goat milk for my cheese! Should be fun. Here is a picture of the squeaky cheese I made last week.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She's 2!

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Lucy! Happy birthday to you!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Girls Day!

Zac and Keanan are off to watch a rally car race by the coast, so Kyla and I get to spend the whole day together! This means I am going to get a lot done! I need to clean up the kitchen from my cheese making. The squeaky cheese turned out great! We took some pics. of it and Zac's leg, but he has the camera with him at the rally car race - so I will post them later. I also need to clean out the mini-fridge today to get ready to age my hard cheese. I am hoping to get some raw goats milk on Friday and then make some cheddar!

Yesterday we went to Lucy's birthday party! Keanan had lots of fun. She was so cute in her pigtails and she loved the bubble mower we got her! Can't believe they are turning 2, where has the time gone?

Friday, April 23, 2010


We had a fantastic day today! Keanan and Kyla were so good! Keanan put all his potty in the toilet (except nap time)! I made squeaky cheese (tasting it in 15 minutes)! There is a new episode of the Office on Hulu! Yay!!!


For the last few weeks anytime it wasn't raining, Zac and Keanan have been working on a trail that goes down around the swamp. Yesterday Kyla and I got to go on it. What a neat trail! Very beautiful, and there are TONS of trilliums. We are going to have to get some pics of it. This has been a fun project for the two of them.

Off to feed the ducks!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I really don't think we live that far from civilization, but evidently most the rest of the world does. I got an email back from Smith Brothers Farms (where I was going to get my cows milk for cheese) stating that yes, they do deliver to Yelm, but no, they don't deliver to THIS part of Yelm. What the heck. So I called the number on my regular milk from Safeway and it turns out it is bottled in WA and not ultra-pasteurized. So I will just use that.

Keanan has been doing pretty well with going on the toilet lately. He has discovered that he can stand on his stool and "sink" cheerios with his pee. Very exciting! Today he finally accumulated 4 potty bucks so we drove in to the dollar store. He picked out a truck and put his potty bucks on the counter to pay. The clerk was really good about it and took them from him, while I slipped her my debit card. He was so excited! I ordered all the stuff for his birthday last night; can't believe he is almost 2!

I was telling my mom yesterday: I am going to make an "Easy Baby Award" and give it to Kyla. She is sooo easy going. Just sits in her bouncy seat watching Keanan or lays on he mat talking and smiling at her toys. She takes a 2-3 hour nap at the same time as Keanan. Goes down for bed with no problem and sleeps for 8 hours, eats, and sleeps for another 2 hours. Loves to smile and coo at me all the time. Eats with no problems. Poops in the toilet. Geez, we are so blessed! God knows how much we can handle. I think he figured one crazy child is enough for the moment. We'll see how Kyla turns out when she is a toddler!

Zac and I have been like two ships passing in the night lately. When the kids go to bed we are both pretty beat and just veg on our computers - in separate rooms of the house. Not good. So no more computer time after Kyla goes to bed. We had some good conversation last night.

I am hoping to make the squeaky cheese tomorrow. It takes a good 3 hour chunk of time to make it and than 3-4 hours to drain. So I have to wait for Zac to be home, don't want to scald the milk!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A conversation

Going into Keanan's room after he woke up from his nap -

Keanan: Mommy, pooping.
Me: Keanan, did you go poop in your diaper?
Keanan: Yes. On hands.
Me: Oh Keanan. Do you have poop on your hands?
Keanan: Yes. I cleaned it up.
Me: What did you clean it up with?
Keanan: My shirt. All clean.
Me: Oh Keanan...

Wanted: Goat Milk

I think I found a good source of cows milk for my cheese making adventures (yay for Smith Brother's farms, and they deliver!), but I'd really like to get some good goats milk every once and awhile. The only stuff I can find in the stores is ultra-pasteurized which is not good for cheese making. Ideas?

This week my cheese goal is to make squeaky cheese (curd cheese)! Zac is really excited. After this I will start with hard cheeses!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A little backwards

Although Keanan isn't doing super hot with the potty training - Kyla is doing great! Today she put all her poop in the potty! Most days it is about 50% - 75% in the potty. I really think she doesn't like it in her diaper and is waiting for me to hold her over the toilet. Each diaper change (as long as we are home) I take her to the toilet. She will either go right away or fuss a little to let me know she is done. Today she pooped about 4 times in the toilet and peed the other times that I took her. This is keeping the diapers stain free (good for resale) and her little bum from sitting in poop for any amount of time - I wouldn't like that either! I am so glad I started EC'ing early with her!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bright Side

On a positive note from our crazy week:

Zac got his permanent new leg on Thursday! It is pretty snazzy (better be for costing $25,000!). We'll try to get some pictures up soon.

It seems our colds are almost gone as well!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Potty Train - Fail

Well, we gave it a go for about a week. As of today I see no real change or progress. Sigh. Keanan still seems totally fine with peeing in his undies. He will tell me while he is doing it - but not before. He told me before maybe two times this whole week. So back to the diapers we go. Sigh again. We will try again in a month, or if he magically starts keeping his diapers dry.

Cheese and Fruit

I made cheese! Finally! Wednesday night Zac brought home some whole milk and after Keanan was in bed I made lemon cheese. It is the easiest cheese to make (warm milk, add lemon juice). It turned out really nice - better than when I did it a year ago, and with a bigger yield than I remember. I mixed in a little cheese salt and fresh rosemary from my front yard once the whey had been drained out. Yummm. We have been snacking on it with crackers. I want to make one cheese a week - we will see how it goes.

This morning I realized that I have been lacking in some fruit, the fruit of the Spirit that is. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control. These are all the things that I have been praying for help with in dealing with Keanan's craziness. Like my friend Emily said, I don't want to turn into "mommy monster."

Lord, please kill that monster in me and fill me with the fruit of your spirit today. Amen.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It has been a hard day! (and it's only 3:30) We are all sick; Keanan, Kyla, and I. We are all crabby. Especially Keanan. He didn't even eat any lunch. He was having a HUGE meltdown about...I can't even remember...and got sent to nap without his lunch. He just wouldn't calm down.

This makes me all uptight and frustrated. So I come to the computer to chill. This has led to my obsession with the world of cloth diapers. I read about them all the time. Study different washing methods. Read all the reviews of the different kinds, ones I would never buy anyways. Chat about them on forums. It has gotten (and Zac would agree) a little out of control. My stash is complete, my washing routine is working great, I don't need to read about them multiple times a day!

So I was thinking to myself, self - you need to do something better with your time! This led me to consider making cheese again!!! (Heck, it is the title of my blog, for petes sake!) So I'm going to do it. I will start all over with a soft lemon cheese. I have all the stuff already - even a press to make some nice hard cheddar or gouda! It's been a year since I have made any. Crazy.

So if I start talking about diapers again, remind me of my love for cheese!

On another note: please pray that we all get over this cold quickly, especially Kyla (poor baby!). I would really like my sweet, mostly obedient, boy back to his normal self as well. This is not helping our potty training at the moment. It is hard to be grateful for the blessing of my children when they are both crying/screaming for me and covered in snot.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Potty Training - Day 3, Part 2

When Keanan woke up from his nap he was a completely different child - not in a good way. He turned into this crazy, emotionally fragile, disobedient little creature. He had three different accidents and a huge meltdown that resulted in me staying home from small group, grrr. Thankfully Jess stayed to help me out. He also has come down with a gross cold (I feel it coming on too), which doesn't help things. Praying tomorrow is better.

Potty Training - Day 3

So Keanan woke up at 8am. He went down for a nap at 1:45pm. In between that time we have had NO accidents! Zero, zilch, nada!!!!!!! He's doing it, he's doing it!! Praise he Lord!! For the most part it is on his own. I have been reminding him all the time to run to the toilet, and he has. I only bribed him once with a brownie before nap. Now if he can keep it up tonight while Auntie Jess watches him (sorry Jess!)...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Potty Training - Day 2

Day 1 sucked. Pure and simple. Keanan peed everywhere BUT the toilet yesterday (well, he did go a few times - but that was because we took him there, not on his own.) By the time he went to bed we had gone through 9 pairs of undies. Both Zac and I were doubting whether we were going to make it through this.

This morning he woke up and some how his diaper had gotten all cock-eyed so he got pee all over his bed; great way to start my day! He didn't want to sit on the toilet before putting his clothes on. He did sit on it before we left for Kyla's doctors appointment, but didn't do anything. We got to the doctor (35 min car ride) and went straight to the bathroom. He was still dry! (I put a diaper cover over his undies for going out) He again sat on the toilet but didn't do anything! Right as Kyla was getting her shots he told me "mommy, potty". Great. So we went to the bathroom and changed into another pair of undies for the car ride home.

We get home and he is still dry, but doesn't want to sit on the toilet. Then he proceeds to pee on the kitchen floor and break down in tears. I have no idea why he was crying, we don't get mad when he has an accident, just help him clean it up and practice sitting on the toilet. After he calmed down and we cleaned up we had lunch. Then it happened.

After lunch he told me, "mommy, be right back." He went into the bathroom and closed the door. I asked him through the door if he needed help, he said no. Then he yells "mommy, potty!" I opened the door and he had taken his undies off, climbed up on the toilet, and peed! I was so excited for him. We started clapping and he stood up and said "I did it!" He told me to go away and close the door again. He sat back down on the potty and pooped! I almost started crying I was sooooo happy.

He is napping right now (in a diaper) and I am praying that we can have more successes than failures when he wakes up. Please pray that he "gets it" and that we have patience!

Healthy Girl

Kyla is 22 inches long and weighs 11 pounds 5 ounces as of today. The doctor said she is completely perfect! She also got two shots, poor baby =(

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ditched the Diapers!

We have gone cold turkey to undies for Keanan (except at night)! I really think he is ready, we just have to do it. I read up on the one-day-potty-training method yesterday and we decided to go for it! Yes, there have been accidents (and will be more - we are getting ready for church, yikes!), but we just need to push through it. Please say a prayer for us!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two Months

Kyla is 2 months old today! The time is flying by! She is such a cute, happy, silly little girl. It is very obvious right now that mommy is her favorite (Keanan never did that). Zac will be holding her while she is fussing and then he gives her to me and she starts smiling and talking =)

She loves watching everything, especially Keanan - but it is a little hard because he is always moving. Mornings are her best time. She will sit in her bouncy seat on the counter while Keanan and I eat breakfast and tell me lots of stories!

She sleeps 7-8 hours every night (straight!), wakes up to eat, and then sleeps another 3-4 hours. This is because she loves her mommy soooo much and wants to make sure she doesn't loose her mind! I do not function well without sleep. She also takes a 2-3 hour nap when Keanan naps (I swaddle her up), which helps give me a break in the middle of the day.

We have her 2 month appointment next week, so we will see how much weight she has gained. Keanan was 12 pounds at this point so it will be interesting to see how they compare. I did have to move her diapers up to the next snap, so she is clearly growing!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Later Gator

I think about 2 times when we have left my mom's house she has told Keanan "see you later alligator", and not for a few weeks. So today I am on the phone with my brother (it was Keanan's idea to call him) and I say "see you later". Keanan is walking by me and pipes up "see you later gator." I asked him what he said and he repeated it. I told him "after while crocodile" and he smiled at me and said "Grandma does it." I can't believe he remembered that! Such a smart kid.

We have also been talking about Easter so Keanan has been saying "Jesus alive!" and "He is risen!" today.

There is a stay dog that has been in our yard for the past 2 days and I told Keanan that he lost his house. So on the way to go take a nap Keanan goes to the window and says "pray God take dog to his house." So we stopped and prayed that God would help the dog find his house and leave our yard (it is not a nice dog, growled at me but animal control won't come get it, grrr). It was super sweet!

In other news, we had a fun morning at our friends house for the Mom's club. They are photographers and did free Easter pics for all the kids. Keanan held Kyla in his lap and was really good. He really liked the bunny they had (a real one) and got to pet it. When we got back home for lunch Kyla laughed for me!! Super cute!