Monday, March 29, 2010

Things I LOVE Right Now V.2

Thought it was about time to revamp the list.

1. My Hubby! He has been so great in helping me out when I get stressed. He even helped my stuff diapers last night! =) I also REALLY appreciate that he has consistently been getting home at 5 and playing with Keanan while I make dinner. We even got to go on a date on Saturday while Grandma watched the kids (thanks mom!)

2. Wool Nursing Pads! These have been FABULOUS since my milk supply has regulated (about 2 weeks ago). You really only need 2 pair for the duration of breastfeeding. Soooooo worth the money.

3. Cloth Diapers! I love them. I love how cute they are. I love how healthy they are for my kids. I love how much money we are saving. I love that I am not throwing diapers away everyday. I even love washing them!

4. Baking Soda! I have recently discovered that sprinkling some of this on my diapers in the diaper pail kills any stink!

5. Cloth Pail Liner! Why did I wait almost 2 years to get these? I hate how many garbage bags I have thrown away. They just go in the wash with the diapers, easy-peasy.

6. Pilates DVD's! I really love how I feel after a workout. As of today (at my postpartum checkup) I only have 5 pounds to loose to be back to my pre-Kyla weight and only 10 pounds to loose to be back to my pre-Keanan weight!

7. Moby Wrap! I actual have a fake one that I made myself. Essential for being out and about with 2 kids.

8. Smiles, Coos, Hugs, and Kisses from my kids! Especially when they do it without any prompting from me =)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Pictures

We had a nice relaxing day at home today, besides going to church. Here are some pics of Kyla I took this morning, with her first "hair" thing! She is getting so cute! She loves smiling and cooing at us and even laughed for Zac tonight.

On Thursday the Ireland's came over for dinner. Zac and Greg had some fun with Keanan's mega blocks upstairs. Both the kids cried after they smashed it!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

So busy!

I don't like it. I feel like I am getting nothing around the house. We were gone all day today but are now the semi-proud owners of my parents/Brian & Ann's old truck. Now we need to start the very sad process of selling the Jeep. It is just not safe for us to go wheeling in it since it is a stick and Zac has only one good leg. Eventually we will get another Jeep for off-roading that is an automatic, but for now we can not afford it. Sad. I am going to miss that this spring.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Attack of the Terrible Two's!!

Monsters have come and transformed my mostly happy little boy into a ball of screaming tantrums!

That is all; carry on.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Poop in the Potty!

Kyla not Keanan! Yes, she is only 6 weeks old. Yes, she really did go poop on the toilet! Yes, I am crazy =)

We started part time elimination communication with Keanan when he turned 6 months. Since then, if he "tells" me he needs to go or I can tell he needs to go, we put him on the toilet. Tonight I could tell that Kyla needed to poop; so rather than waiting for her to do it in her diaper and then me having to clean in up, not to mention getting poop all over her butt, I took her to the toilet. I held her under her legs, leaning against my belly while I sat backwards on the toilet. And she went! A lot!

Yay for one less poopy diaper to clean up! Yes, I am crazy =)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun Family Day

Today started off kind of slow, as most Saturday's do in the Vawter house. After lounging around in the morning we decided to go to the Nisqually Wildlife Preserve on the Nisqually flats. There was a really neat boradwalk out across the wetlands. We saw a bunch of ducks and geese, 2 turtles on logs, 2 racoons, and a hawk. We stopped and had lunch on a bench along the walk.

After naps and dinner, our friends the Clark's came over with their two kids who are close to Keanan's age. They all had fun playing and running around.

Keanan did really good on the potty today! He went 8 times which filled up his potty chart for the day and earned him some potty money (little coupon). Three more potty bucks and he can buy something at the dollar store! =)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Kyla slept for 7 hours straight last night!!! Wooo hoooo! I know it was probably a fluke, but it was a wonderful fluke. How to make that happen again...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Weekend Gone...

How is it already Monday!?

Keanan took some huge steps this week. In addition to giving up his plug (paci) we have also put away the sippy cups and he is drinking out of a normal cup like a big kid! We have been making a bigger effort with the big kid undies as well. Yesterday he even told us he needed to go potty after only going a little bit in the undies and then going the rest in the toilet; a HUGE improvement to standing there and letting it all out on the floor!

Kyla is staying awake more and more each day. She is starting to coo and smile at us as well, super cute. She had her first bottle of breast milk last night without any problems. Now I can feel okay about being away from her for more than 2 hours.

Zac meets with an insurance guy this week about the new leg he needs to get. Please keep that in your prayers - it is VERY expensive.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Pi Day


Zac's birthday is at 10,760,238 digits of Pi ( 08201981 )
Jen's is at 48,917,928
Keanan's is at 50,369,053
Kyla's is at 29,043,101

For those of you still wondering "Pi Day??" Pi = 3.14 = 3 ( March ), 14th day

PS: Greg Ireland, you have one of the geekiest birthdays available.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


We have gone about 36 hours PLUG(paci) FREE!!! This is so crazy, but I think Keanan is done with it for good!

About 2 months ago Keanan got a hold of Alli's plug, a little girl that my mom watches. Zac told him that it had little bugs on it and he thought that was gross and left it alone. On Tuesday night Zac told Keanan that HIS plug had little bugs on it and it was yucky, totally not lying. Keanan just held it in his hand that night, not in his mouth!

Wednesday we were at my moms house during his naptime. When I put him down he had his plug in his hand. I reminded him of the bugs and asked him if he wanted me to throw it in the garbage. To my complete surprise he said yes and was very persistent about me throwing it away right then!!! It has been gone ever since. He has asked about it a few times but we have just reminded him that he wanted mommy to throw it away. He is totally fine with this answer.

On to potty training!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I finally went through the approx. 700 pictures that were on Zac's camera! Here are a few, there are more on the picasa site.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Whew! What a busy weekend! On Saturday we were in Graham visiting with my family, including my brother Mathew and new niece Kate! Sunday we went to church and then Zac's parents were here for the day.

So today the kids and I are staying home and resting...well, resting as much as you can with a 1 month old and a 21 month old.

When I get a moment, I am hoping to put some new pictures up. Yeah, that could take a while. I am also starting my pilates today!! Yay for back in shape!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome Kate!!!

My sister and brother-in-law had their baby 2 hours ago! So excited to go see little Kate today!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Poop in the Toliet!

For three days in a row Keanan has come up to me and said "mommy poop" BEFORE he went in his diaper. So we run to the toilet and he gets lots of cookies! Now if we can get him to tell us when he needs to pee...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

21 months

That is how old Keanan is today! Crazy! He is getting so big. He has been really good with his manners today as well, saying please and thank you without any prompting.

I have been getting tired of being at home so yesterday we went for a walk (first one with Kyla, she just slept in the Moby wrap), today we went to the park to feed the ducks (again, Kyla slept in the Moby), and tomorrow we are going to toddler gym (Kyla will be in, you guessed it - the Moby). On Friday we are going to my parents house to see Uncle Mat! First time in about a year! Keanan is very excited to get candy from Uncle Mat, since that is what he has been telling Keanan on the phone.

Both kiddos are napping so I am off to have some Jesus time and then take a nap myself!