Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feeling Crabby

I just want to hide in my house or on my moms couch until this baby decides to get here, if that EVER happens! Everything is getting on my nerves, which is really no ones fault but my own. :Sigh: I am tired of talking about being pregnant or anything remotely related to pregnancy, but that is all anyone ever says to me anymore. Zac and I were brainstorming smart-aleck remarks to make at the not-so-thought-out comments people say to me, but I am too chicken to actually say them to anyone. Sorry about the rant. I am just tired.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Never fear, we're still here...

Nothing to report. Don't worry, we will make a post when we head into the hospital. We will need the prayer! =)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Appointment Today

Keanan and I went to my midwife appointment today. Same old, same old. Baby girl looks great. We are just in a waiting game. Afterwords, we picked up Zac from work and went and had coffee. It was a good morning. Off to take a nap!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Due Date!!

40 weeks pregnant today. It seems that our little girl is taking after her big brother and going to arrive a bit late (Keanan was 5 days late).

Any guesses on when she will make her arrival?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Did you hear that?

It was ME shooting the pistol! Keanan and I were eating and I looked out the window and spotted the bobcat walking toward the house! I grabbed the gun that is by the back door and put in the clip. As I was walking over to the door ANOTHER bobcat came out of the bushes and they started rolling around playing!!! Oh my gosh! I got the door open without them noticing and squeezed the trigger. But the safety was on. By the time I got it off they had noticed me and were starting to run away. I fired the gun, but didn't hit anything. It was very loud and my ear is still ringing! We seriously need to do something about this!

In other news: I put up a clothesline yesterday! I didn't get the diapers washed in time to put out though. Another day...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun Family Day

Zac and Keanan got to spend a bunch of time outside today, he loved it! Zac took some pictures of Keanan on the neighbors excavator that I will try to get up later. After nap we headed into town for Esther's 3rd birthday party at the gymnastics center, super fun. Then some good time hanging out with the Ireland's and friends after.

Another positive note: it seems that the Bac-Out I ordered for my diapers is working!! I think we may have solved our stink issue!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mean Mommy

This is what I feel like lately. I have super low energy right now and Keanan definitely does not! I am finding myself being really impatient and short with him. I don't want to do that. Please pray that I can have energy, patience, and strength. Please also pray that the baby will come soon. I don't know how that will help anything, but I am just really ready to be done being pregnant. I am not sleeping well, my back hurts, and I am waddling instead of walking like a normal person. :sigh:

end rant

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Feeding the Ducks

After vacuuming the house this morning Keanan and I headed to the park in town to feed the ducks! We had never done this (great idea Chris) and it was so much fun! Keanan loved watching them and walking around on the trails at the park. We ran some errands in town and then headed over to the Ireland's to have lunch.

I had not planned on our lunch visit, so I only had one diaper in the bag. Of course a little bit after I put this diaper on Keanan, he pooped in it! I ended up putting him in onee of Esther's old princess pull-ups!! When I got home and started looking through the diaper bag I discovered a disposable I had stashed in a pocket for just this very purpose, sorry dude.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hanging out

Oh man am I low on energy! But still here. I don't think this baby is wanting to come anytime soon. Grrrrrr

On Friday Zac came with Keanan and I to his class at the Hands On Childrens Museum. I was soooo glad Zac was there. I don't think I can take Keanan by myself anymore. Keanan was really good during circle time (he loves the songs) and he got to paint!

Yesterday we went to my parents house to hang out and have dinner. We taught mom how to play Settlers of Cannan, and then she proceeded to whoop all of us.

Church this morning (and our pastor made a reference to one of my favorite shows, The Office!), lunch, and now it is nap time (for me and Keanan). We are headed to the Ireland's tonight for dinner, yay!

On a frustrating note: Keanan's diapers are stinking again. I think a big problem is our hard water - but Zac got a bunch of salt for our water softener yesterday, so that should help. I spent HOURS and a lot of water on Friday trying to strip detergent buildup out of them... but it didn't seem to help much. I have an order in for stuff that should help. Grrrrr

Thursday, January 14, 2010

38 weeks

I will get a pic up that Zac took this morning in a bit.

Had an appointment at the midwives office today. Pretty much same old, same old. Baby is still head down, heat beat is great, measuring about 2 weeks behind, which is okay. She said my weight gain has been beautiful, like a text book =). My step B results came back negative, which is good. I have another appointment on Tuesday.

I didn't sleep well last night so I took a very long nap while Keanan was napping. It was very nice. I would like to be done now. Thankfully, God's timing is perfect!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A little sad...

Keanan and I had a really good day today. He LOVES to be outside and would do so all day long if he could. I was feeling bad about that because I haven't felt up to going out with him, or the weather has been gross. This morning, however, we had a break in the rain so he and I went for a walk down our road. He found lots of new rocks and sticks. We saw some donkeys and alpacas. He stomped in lots of puddles with his "monster" rain boots. It was great. He did not like the fact that we had to come home eventually and threw a bit of a fit when I made him leave his new sticks in the garage. When we got in and I looked at the clock I realized we had been out for about and hour and a half! It was really fun.

It made me kind of sad however, because I am realizing we won't have times like this anymore - just Keanan and mommy. It has been such an amazing 19 months with him, much of it just the two of us. I will miss that. I am hoping to make these last few days without the baby fun for him. We will see what I have energy for.

Monday, January 11, 2010


We had a baby shower for FOUR of the ladies in our small group on Saturday (there are babies everywhere!). It was super fun and I ended up with some really cute clothes, blankets, toys and a hooter hider! At church on Sunday another friend gave us a gift of the blanket that I wanted that matches Keanan's (she had no idea!). Then today we got a package from my Grandma in Arkansas of a handmade quilt and 2 big receiving blankets (the ones at the store are too small.) This was crazy since this was the last thing (besides clothes) that I though I was going to have to buy!

Ready, set, go!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Since it is officially the 9th...

Happy Birthday Mathew!! 26, woo hoo! Hope you get to do something fun for yourself today. Love you and miss you lots!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I feel like I am getting a cold again! Sheesh, I just got over the last one. So this is making me tired, on top of being 9 months pregnant and chasing a 19 month old. I think I over did it today too.

Keanan had a shot appointment this morning which he did really good at. Then we went straight to the Hands On Children's Museum for his class. He as SOOOOO excited to see his teacher and talked about her non-stop the whole way. We had not been since November (I felt bad about that) and I was surprised that he remembered her name. He also talked about smashing playdough with a hammer! There was a lot of kids there this morning, but we had fun. Keanan enjoyed coloring and cutting with scissors. He was pretty good during circle time too and liked singing the songs with the other kids.

After his class we headed to Zac's work to have lunch, but Zac forgot they had company lunch so Keanan and I had to go home. I was not very happy about this at all. Keanan of course slept all the way home which really messed with the schedule for the rest of the day. I finally got him to take a real nap around 4 and then I was able to mop and wash diapers. I am tired! Maybe he will sleep in tomorrow, probably not.

On a bright note, Zac cleaned the kitchen tonight and took Keanan to go get some milk. That was nice.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

37 weeks

Officially full term today. I give her one more week and then I would like to be done! Probably not going to happen though. However, the ladies at small group think she has dropped, so there may be hope. Everything is ready to go, just need a baby!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Zac is stripping tonight!

Weather stripping that is =) He thinks that the washer and dryer are too loud in the laundry room, so he took action!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Howdy 2010! (& happy palindrome day)

So excited to be in a new year! All the baby stuff is up and we are ready to rock and roll (well, in like a week and a half). I am starting to slow down, waddle, and feel very large - time to be done!

Zac would like to add "Happy Palindrome Day!" 01 02 2010 (for all you non-geek types, that means you can read it forwards and backwards and it is exactly the same! Example: WOW) Yes, we are nerds.