Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Times are changing...

I put all our Christmas stuff away today. Even got the tree down and out of the house by myself (okay, Keanan "helped"). It felt good to get it all put away. This means that tomorrow all the baby stuff comes out. There really isn't much that comes out of her room; just the pack n play, swing and car seat to be installed in the car. Hard to believe her due date is in 4 weeks. Really, I would like her to come anytime after 2 weeks.

Keanan has been in a testing mode lately. He tests EVERYTHING I say. It seems like he spends most of his day in time out (not really, just more than before). This is making me a little anxious about having 2. Please keep me in your prayers!

Zac's life is .... interesting at the moment. He has been dealing with some of the emotional consequences of losing his leg more lately. Please also keep him in prayer in regards to his work.

This last year has been very hard for us. And with baby girl coming soon, it seems that 2010 might be just as difficult. Praise God that he is our rock! Proverbs 18:10 "The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe."

Saturday, December 26, 2009


I spent this morning completely reorganizing all of Keanan's toys to make room for all the new stuff he got. Oh my goodness that kid got spoiled! A tricycle, a table and chairs, bouncy horse, little people garage, remote control car, little people bus, laptop, doctors kit, finger paints for the tub, swords (for daddy and Keanan), MORE mega blocks, just to name a few...... geez! My mom and dad also spoiled me a lot too! =)

We spent Christmas Eve at our house with Zac's family over for dinner and presents. Christmas morning was here at home and then Christmas day was at my parents house with my family. We even got to skype with Mathew and Elizabeth who are living it up in Hawaii at the moment. I ate WAY to much junk at my parents house, but it was sooo good. Before presents my Dad read the Christmas story and we sang happy birthday to Jesus - the real reason for the season. Good times had by all!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


35 weeksFamily Christmas PicThe Vawter MenLove this kid!

35 weeks

Wow, only 5 weeks until my due date! Technically, she could get here anytime between 3 and 7 weeks. I am very ready to be done being pregnant. I am not super uncomfortable or anything like that, just ready to be done.

I had my midwife appointment today (missed the one yesterday, grrr). All was good. When she first measured me she said I was measuring a little bit too small so they wanted to schedule an ultrasound to check on everything before my next appointment. After feeling the baby's position she said the baby is all cock-eyed to the side so she remeasured me and said I am fine. Yay, no extra ultrasound to pay for! She is still small, but within the normal range.

Keanna and I have been busy cleaning today for Zac's family to come tomorrow. Tonight we will take a break and FINALLY go visit the Ireland's and see baby Jadon - I am SUPER excited!! I will get Zac to take a belly pic tonight and I promise to post that and other Christmas pictures later on this evening - I am too tired right now and am going to take a nap!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bobcat Alert

Keanan and I just saw the bobcat in our backyard. He was just strolling through and went into the woods by Keanan's swing. Of course the gun that usually sits by the backdoor for this very reason was not there and the shotgun was not loaded! I might have had a shot! Now Keanan keeps looking out the window saying "no, no big cat" and stomping his foot (that is what Grandma does to the puppy!)

We are getting ready to go to my midwife appointment and then up north for Zac's cousin's wedding. Busy day!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A very Christmassy weekend

We have been pretty busy this weekend. Saturday morning we went out to the lake to visit with my grandparents. Keanan got some cool presents and even got to play a little bit with his 2 second cousins, Spencer and Carson. Home for lunch and a nap. Then we were off the the Neeley's for a Christmas party. Keanan even got to participate in the white elephant gift exchange where he received a "cool" hat from a Chinese exchange student, complete with fake braid.

This morning we all made it to church and even dressed up! Have to get more than one wear out of the outfit I got Keanan for Zac's cousin's wedding on Tuesday! We took some pics by our tree that I will try to find time to post tomorrow. Home for lunch and a nap. During Keanan's nap I got to talk to my brother who is on leave from Iraq in Hawaii for two weeks. Today is he and Elizabeth's first wedding anniversary! They are enjoying their time together and hopefully he should be home for good in about 3 months.

After Keanan woke up we headed to Spanaway to drive through "Fantasy Lights." Keanan and I enjoyed it, Zac claimed it was ghetto like most things in Spanaway. After our drive we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for pizza, way to much candy (mom made divinity!), and some playtime with Lucy. Keanan even got a bubble bath in Grandma's cool tub.

My sickness is almost gone so I hope to go visit the Ireland's sometime this week. We are in for a busy one, as most of you are too. 5 days til Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009


I feel a bit better now. This morning Keanan and I got to meet our friend Cassie from the APA forums. We had a nice chat about baby stuff over coffee (she is due the day after me!). Then we headed over to the doctor and I got some antibiotics to fight this sinus infection. Next it was lunch with Daddy since we were in town, then off to the post office to pick up some packages and a load of Christmas cards. When we got home Keanan headed off for his nap while I started diapers washing and mopped the floors. Now that all my chores are down I am sitting here with the netbook and some tea trying to relax. ahhhhh

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am going to the doctor tomorrow morning because I just can't seem to get rid of this cold. I think it might have turned into a sinus infection or something. The coughing is keeping me from sleeping and since I'm sick I can't go visit the Ireland's and see baby Jadon!!! I also don't want to go to Keanan's class at the museum tomorrow and make others sick; we haven't been there in weeks! Sucks!

Keanan is much better, nose only runs when he starts crying or something (which was pretty often on this day of meltdowns over nothing in particular). Grrrrrrrrr

On a happy note: our black sectional couch is gone! Yay, our family room is back to some type of normal.

Congrats Irelands!!!!

Jadon Gregory Ireland was born this morning at 6:32am!!! 9 lbs 4 oz, 20″ Long We are soooo excited to meet him! See Greg's blog (link on the right) for more details.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I fluffy-pink-heart him!!

Last night when we put Keanan to bed we wnt through our normal routine of bath, jammies, book, prayer, and kisses. He then looked over at me and touched my face and said "Mommy pretty." Then he looked over at Zac, touched his face and said "Daddy fuzzy." How cute is that?!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Coming to the end

I think Keanan and I are at the end of these horrible colds we have been fighting. It doesn't seem to slow him down at all. Just add lots of snot to a crazy boy and that's what I have been chasing this last week. I feel much better today than I have in a while.

We had a fun weekend despite our sickness. Saturday was spent with my family playing many rounds of Settlers of Canaan and eating dinner together here. Sunday we spent the day with the Ireland's , again playing Settlers and eating food here. Hmmm, maybe Zac and I will play again tonight. We are really hooked on this game at the moment!

Other than that, nothing new. I am trying to enjoy our routine before it gets turned upside down by the baby!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I think Keanan and I are both coming down with colds! Just what we need right now...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Small Baby, Zorb, and other random goings on...

I had another midwife appointment today. Keanan is getting very used to going there. As soon as we got into the room he patted the exam table and said "mommy sit"! When the midwife came in he went over to the drawer to help her get out the tape measure, I didn't even know it was in there! Baby girl is measuring small. We will see how she is at my appointment in 2 weeks and possible get an ultrasound to make sure everything is good, I am sure it is. She moves ALL the time and I have been having more braxton-hicks contractions, annoying.

I am loving the new detergent I got for our cloth diapers! It is made (really re-labled) by the makers of our diapers. I think we have finally solved our stink issues! Now on to another problem. Keanan has been peeing a lot at night. He is leaking onto his pj's a little bit too. So I was doing some research on how we can stuff the diapers to make them more absorbent. Right now we use a large microfiber insert with a small microfiber insert all wrapped in a hemp/cotton insert. I discovered this new diaper insert material called zorb that is supposed to be really good. The one I ordered in sewn between layers of bamboo fleece, which is also supposed to be absorbent. So we will see how that goes.

It was 11 degrees here this morning! I am so glad for our heat pump! However, when I was taking a shower the water pressure really started to die. Zac thinks a pipe might be frozen in the garage so he riged up a tent over the tank and water softener with a heater. Hopefully that solves that.

The last couple days we have stopped using the monitor when Keanan is sleeping. It is taking some getting used to for me, but we have to do it sometime! We are not buying a new one when the baby comes. We also discovered that Keanan has learned how to open our doors. Now we need to buy those childproof things for the front door and garage. Always something. I think he is awake from his nap, so off I go.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Zoo Lights!

We made the trek to Zoo Lights last night with the Johnson's and Grandma and Grandpa. It was pretty amazing. Very cold and a ton of people but Keanan and Lucy seemed to enjoy it. Here are some pics:
We also got a new couch today (thanks Grandma and Grandpa). Here is Keanan enjoying one of it's features.
And just for fun (he's so cute!)

Keanan Video

Here is Keanan dancing and saying his name.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Baby Boy...

is one and a half years old today! Where has the time gone? He is such a goofy, smart, little boy -I think we'll keep him around for a while! =)

Here are some Keanan updates:

- He now knows his name and if you ask him will tell you. We are working on the "Vawter"
- He loves to run, jump and dance - especially "river dance" that Auntie Jess taught him
-He can say over 150 words (we counted) which is crazy considering the average for a 2 year old boy is 50!
- He is starting to put 2 words together
- He is about 30 pounds - almost too heavy for me to pick up right now!
- He loves to read books and is starting to read them back to me
- His favorite friends to play/fight with are Esther and Lucy
- He is starting to get interested in coloring
- He is starting to pray on his own (so cute!)
- His hero is Daddy, but he always runs to Mommy
- He knows just how to push our buttons and is becoming an expert at time out
- He is amazing!